IT Consulting

IT Consulting & Management

We design, build and support everything from the server room and backup power systems to the end users desktop.

Server Room and Backup Power Systems Design and Construction

Your server room and backup power system is arguably the most critical part of your IT infrastructure. If it goes down, nothing will work and you’re ‘dead in the water’. We design and build highly reliable and affordable server rooms and backup power systems. We understand Apparent Power, True Power and Power Factor; we get the difference between a VA and a Kilowatt; we can convert BTUs to cooling tons and we understand the need for serviceability and server room security.

LAN, WAN, VPNs and Secure Remote Access Systems

The configuration of your Routers, Switches, WAPs, VPNs, LAN extensions and Internet connections is not a job for the inexperienced. These are complicated devices, and they will have a major impact on the performance and extendibility of your network. We understand POE and Layer 3 and have a solid knowledge of the other factors that come into play when setting up your networking devices. Let’s make sure it’s set up right from the start.

Network Security, Firewalls and Antivirus Systems Management

The security landscape today is truly challenging. Between phishing attacks, hackers, viruses and other malware, your private information is constantly under threat. We develop and manage cost-effective cyber security programs. We understand the concept of an attack surface and the implication of open firewall ports. We are experts at installing and monitoring antivirus systems, and we can make sure your Windows security updates are installed. Why not let us do a security audit, help encrypt your laptops and use our experience to let you sleep a little more comfortable at night.

Data Backup, Restore Drills and Disaster Recovery Planning

Depending on the source, some statistics claim that 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within six months of the disaster. Is your data backed up frequently? Are you sure your backups are restorable; do you test them regularly? We manage the backup of gigabytes of data every day, and regularly test those backups to confirm they are usable if needed. Let us help you with backup management.

Network Administration, Server Installation, PC and Printer Support

A solid understanding of active directory, network shares, security privileges and group policies is required to effectively manage a modern business network. We have installed hundreds of servers and configured thousands of users in some very complex environments. We can do the same for your business and likely save you the cost of a dedicated network administrator.

Security, Infrastructure and IT Process Audits

Whether you’re an insurance company underwriting a new policy or somebody about to make a major investment in a business, an in-depth technology audit could save you millions. Our audits consist of more than just asking the basic questions. We dig into the details and validate the answers. We will look at open firewall ports, system configurations and backup logs; examine warranties, software licenses and supplier contracts; and we look at mission critical applications, their reliability and business continuity plans. An ASCS technology audit allows you to make a truly informed decision.

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VoIP Telephony and Advanced Communications Systems Design and Deployment

There are still plenty of POTS (Plain Old Telephone Services) in use today. However, Voice over IP (VoIP) systems offer greater scalability and far more capabilities, and VoIP is fast becoming the norm for new system installations. We understand and install VoIP, and have developed and integrated custom software with the APIs that VoIP often provide. If you’re looking for a cost effective, advanced and flexible phone system with some great capabilities, let’s talk about your needs. Let us bring our extensive experience in communication electronics to the table.

New Office Setup, Office Relocation and Technical Support

Almost anybody can manage the setup or relocation of a basic office. But throw in a complex server room and a few highly connected, mission critical systems and the game rules change significantly. We are experts in navigating these challenges. So whether it’s the setup of a completely new office or the relocation of an existing office, we can help with that.

E-Mail Systems Setup, Domain Name Registration and DNS Records Management

You would be hard pressed to find a company that does not rely on their e-mail, website and other modern technologies as a critical part of their business. While common place, however, these tools have associated complexities that require a certain level of expertise to manage. E-mail and websites rely on DNS A records, MX records and SPF records, reverse IP lookups and more. We have registered and configured thousands of domains. We have also seen domain name renewals fall through the cracks after an employee moves on — and everything suddenly stops working. We can help you protect your online assets.

Hardware and Software Procurement, and Supplier Contract Negotiations

The right hardware and software tools save you money. We understand the jargon that comes with procurement, and we understand the small print in warranties and contracts. We can discuss bandwidth vs latency with the Internet service providers, PRIs and SIP trunks with the telephone companies and have years of experience negotiating contracts. Perhaps before you sign that contract, we should take a closer look.